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Buy prescriptions from our Doctors and get it dispensed to your door from our Pharmacists!

About the Online Doctor service


Innovative Online Doctor Services with Electronic prescribing was created to provice you with cheap and discreet online doctor consultation service through this model allowing you to quickly placed prescription orders and get it dispensed electronically.

About Electronic Prescribing?
We have developed an innovative approach to online prescribing. Our system is fully functional and abides by the guidance set out in various regulatory recommendations.

The system is fully secure and only a practicing and approved European registered Doctors can electronically sign a prescription for the nominated pharmacy to dispense.

We ensure that we contract out to private doctors that have no affilliation to our companies hence ensuring that our patients receive unbiased medical service which has been overseen by professionals acting in the patient's best interest!

Our system is fool proof, an order can not be created by our team/staff or pharmacists and hence the control is completely in the hands of patients and their Doctor. Only when approved by Digital signatures and Pin codes does the prescription become electronically valid and available to our pharmacy team for dispensing. Our internet doctors are always available for after care.

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Genuine Medicines

Medicines made by authorised UK pharmaceutical Industries.
We only deal with licenced and fully regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and pharmacy distributors.
When the doctor provides us a prescription fro you to dispense, we will manage your order from there on and ship to you.
This guarantees that the quality of medicines we supply are 100% safe and effective, produced with high level of quality control. We have a safe and secure web site delivering genuine branded treatments and not fake or illegal generics.

Browse through our website, look at our certification and registration details, convince your self that you are at the right place and we would be happy to help you manage your health.


Registered Pharmacy and Professionals

Fully European regulated services.
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What is this?

Registration details
Registration information on our UK nominated dispensing Pharmacy can be obtained by clicking the on following links:

One Click Pharmacy | .com | |
General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) GPhC Pharmacy Registration No. 1100966.

OneClickPharmacy only employs UK registered pharmacists to look after your orders.

Registered Doctor
Our European Doctors vary with every order and you will be notified which doctor overlooked your order when a prescription is authorised. Services provided by of 870, Rue De La Mare Herbert, Beuzeville, FRANCE.

Registered Online Doctors - get your prescription and medicine, all in one stop!

Fill out a Consultations, our doctors prescribe, our pharmacy dispenses & medicines posted direct to you carries out consultations online and supplies prescription medication posted direct to you.

European registered doctors issue the prescriptions. Genuine medicine is supplied from our nominated pharmacy (deliveries are worldwide).

The service is confidential, safe and fully regulated.
You can use website with confidence that your health is being looked after by fully registered and qualified healthcare professionals.

The various services we can offer




Online Doctor's Prescription Process

1. Consultation
Answer medical questionnaires

Complete your comprehensive medical questionnaire online during checkout, we need this to see if you are eligible for treatment, if approved, the doctor at will write you a prescription for a course of treatment otherwise give you a refund.

online doctor
2. Online doctor consultation
Evaluation by DoctorJeeves online

A Doctor will review your consultation answers and issue a private prescription to the nominated Pharmacy if you are suitable. The doctor will keep in touch with you should more information be required before approval. online doctor
3. Dispensing Pharmacy
The nominated Pharmacy will post medication

The online prescriptions are fulfilled by and medicine is sent via recorded/special delivery (requires signature) in discreet packaging. online pharmacy