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About Us
           Doctor Jeeves is an international online doctor consultation service which enables you to take control of your health and ask questions about anything. European registered Doctors will then respond and help you with your problem all the way!
           Our state-of-the-art website creates a virtual clinic with all the safety features included that will help you take control of your health and yet pay up to less for your health.
           We subcontract a registered UK pharmacy who is nominated to dispense our orders and work with European Economic Area registered Doctors to provide you with prescriptions.

What we offer
           DoctorJeeves offers Patients a chance to get a Second opinion and ask those important questions that your personal doctor did not explain enough.
           DoctorJeeves also offers Online consultations with Doctors who will help you treat and manage conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, Hairloss, etc.

Patient Health and Safety
           All Consultation requests are supervised by fully-qualified European Doctors and pharmacists who oversee all medicinal purchases and are available to discuss any symptoms and issues about medical problems in a confidential environment through email or telephone.
           We have Health Information section that will provide over 130,000 comprehensive articles on medicines, medical conditions, poisons, common symptoms, herbal remedies, complimentary therapy, travel advice/vaccinations, tests, investigations, vitamins and minerals in order to help customers make sense of scientific jargon.

The Pharmacy is fully regulated & approved by UK Government bodies
           The nominated pharmacy fully adheres to the pharmacy standards set by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and their service is overseen by fully qualified pharmacists. It is also a member of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and offers NHS contracted services.

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Registration details
Registration information on the pharmacy can be found below:

The Pharmacy: One Click Pharmacy Ltd.
General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Pharmacy Registration No. 1100966.
Doctors: We have a variety of European registered doctors that overlook the prescription services, provided by our nominated doctor service of 870, Rue De La Mare Herbert, Beuzeville, FRANCE.

Thousands of happy customers & patients
The One Click Pharmacy | .com | | team have served thousands of satisfied customers. To view customer feedback, click here.

About Us
PrinaCorp Ltd
Reg No: 083457

Registered Office:
306 Victoria House
Mahe, Seychelles