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Online Doctor
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Online Doctor

Online Doctor


New Online Doctor Service

Online doctor is a newly founded online prescription service based and registered in the UK.


Prescription medicine

Online doctor supplies prescription medicines for treatments which are not available without the possession of a prescription for example; travel medicine, antibiotics, Chlamydia treatment, contraception, malaria tablets and erectile dysfunction. 

Online doctor also provides advice and prescriptions for conditions such as migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux and various other conditions.


Fast and Efficient online prescriptions

Online doctor provides straight forward advice for a variety of medical conditions and their treatment. At ONLINE DOCTOR patients have priority to talk to the doctors by the exchange of web messages. Consultations of ONLINE DOCTOR involve questionnaires tailored to the prescription items that patients need.



Confidential and discreet

 ONLINE DOCTOR guarantees confidentiality to patients using the online doctor service. We do not share information with any third party. The service of Web Messaging is used which is proven to be much safer than emails.

Medicines are posted in unmarked recorded packages.



Cost of online doctors services

ONLINE DOCTOR provides prescription medicines at competitive costs lower than those offered by any other prescription service in the UK. If a patient can find a prescription service for less than the cost at ONLINE DOCTOR we will refund the difference to this cost.



Online medicine

Online medicine is becoming increasingly important. People with busy lives are using the Internet to access more and more services. There will be an increasing demand for online doctor services.

Not all medical treatments can be provided safely online. For many treatments only a face-to-face consultation with a doctor will do. However, for many routine treatments an online prescription service is ideal.

Malaria tablets, for example, can be supplied online at lower cost than through clinics or high street chemists. The process of obtaining malaria tablets online is quick and efficient and cost effective.



Doctors and online pharmacies

Doctors providing online prescriptions will also be able to provide medicines that are available without a prescription from pharmacies. Pharmacies  often supply only  branded products where as a doctor can provide the same medicine with the generic equivalence which will be found to be less expensive but equally as effective.



Diet and weight loss

Unfortunately ONLINE DOCTOR does not provide help and advice for weight loss treatments as we feel weight loss treatment is best provided after face-to-face contact due to the need for careful monitoring and support.


This article was published on Friday 17 September, 2010.
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